Select Best Cisco Switches

When you are searching for ideal Cisco Switch, it is better to first understand their basics and fundamental operations in networks.

Switches allow efficient communication between various network devices.

So, how can you choose the best suited Cisco switch from the broadest range of models? Here’s your guide to the leading-edge switching solutions for Branch offices & Campuses.Browse here Sell cisco.

Functionalities of these Cisco switches are intelligently designed to handle all types of corporate data centers, virtual environments, network cores and work-groups.

They deliver the cost efficiency, scalability and high-performance services for fast growing networks.

Ideal Solution for Campus

Campuses mostly feature a complex network of WANs and LANs. In addition to this, there might be virtualized systems designed for inter & intra data centers. So they must have the ability to address the growing workload at all sites.

For such demanding environments, Cisco has engineered a high-class Nexus 7000 Series featuring 10, 40 & 100 GE scalability for campus core deployments. This solid platform of modular switching solution is well suited for unified fabric networks.

IT admins will enjoy industry-leading resilient features and greater productivity in aggregation and data center core. Moreover, the innovative NX-OS operating system facilitates users to design robust, flexile fabrics for campus networks.

Improved Scalability

-10, 40 & 100 GB

-Slot chassis (9, 10, 18) can be up-graded seamlessly to 96/32 40/100GE, or the GE ports (768 10, 768 1)

-Ultra-high switching capacity reaching 17 Tbps

-Each Nexus 7000 chassis has the remarkable capability of handling 1536 Gigabit Ethernet servers

-Inclusion of Nexus 2000 helps to further improve the performance to 32 fabric extenders

Ideal Solution for Branch Office

Branch office networks require consolidation of appliances with flexibility of segmentation, address space separation, file sharing and isolation of path.

For these demanding challenges, the Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches provide a solid platform and allow end-to-end network virtualization. They are equipped with:

IP/MPLS functionalities

-Virtual Switching technologies (capacity up to 4 terabit)

-100 Gigabit Ethernet. Each slot can reliably handle 160 gigabits

-EVN (Easy Virtual Network). It allows users to design separate logical networks

-Integrated services modules, which play key role in improving wireless control, network management & security

Enhance the Security Level

State-of-the-art features of EAC (endpoint admission control) and Security Group Access Control ensures unprecedented reliability for all network devices.

Cisco 6500 Catalyst Switches support VSS (Virtual Switching System) thus elevating the capacity of your system to 4Tbps. Without VSS, it can scale the per slot capacity to 80Gbps. Supervisor Engine 2T works seamlessly with IPv6 and IPv4. The performance extends to 390 mpps and 720 mpps respectively.

Key Benefits:

-Trouble-free deployment of new service modules.

-Control multiple component versions through a single modular.

-Efficient monitoring of entire switches attached to your network.

-Mini Port Analyzer

-ERSPAN (Encapsulated Remote SPAN)

-Convenience of console logging

-Onboard packet capturing

-Netflow Export

-CMP (Connectivity

-Management Processor)